Who am I?

By being yourself, you put something in the world that was not there before.

-Edwin Elliot

I always tell myself to write more, keep track, remember everything and forget nothing.

You see, Im am 22 years young and a woman of the Northern Territory, born and bred in bulldust and bare feet.
My mother and her mother before her are both avid writers, My Mother Toni Tapp Coutts publishing her first book not all that long ago called ‘Bill Tapp – Cattle King’
My Grandmother, one of the most inspiring people in my life, for many years wore nothing but white and carried Artline Fine Tip 2.0 pens around with her so she would never miss a beat.
Some people say you are either born with writing in your blood or not….i believe much differently although i happen to fall under the born with it category.
I always thought i never had a story or that it was better off told by someone else, but in recent years after meeting my Fiance Terry i have been shown that all stories are worth telling and that each story is unique, even when they don’t seem great and wonderful to our own minds we often forget that everyone is 110% different and that bread and butter to one person could be the be all and end all to another.

So here it goes, in all my misspelt and confused glory.
Welcome to my little slice of the world….from the inside looking out.

Shannon Caroline