Milestone Moment – 90 Days!

I never imagined I would get to today, today marks 90 days clean. Today is a day of renewal and a day where I remind myself of where I have been, how far I have come. Each day has it’s little battles and moments that couldn’t pass quick enough but I have come leaps and bounds!
-I now have a new and fleshing job in Men’s Fashion at Roger David.
-we have not been behind in rent once since quitting.
-my garden is flourishing and has a new pond that needs a tad more work but is coming along very well.
-my hubby has started his new job and is loving his new lease on life after stepping away from security
-I have gained 15kgs and feel great (although a bit more tone wouldn’t go astray)
-I walk to and from work and the shop each and every day to keep healthy and active
-my house and my life seem cleaner and my time has been utilised better
-we have taken several trips to the beach with our dog ‘just to get out of the house’
-our family units work better and are happier (although I still get more help than I should need from my parents, which I could never repay)
-our relationship is a lot happier and more productive than ever. Having become the happier selves we wanted to be we have learned to live more wholly again
-my faith and spirituality grows stronger each day

These are my little wins in life, although I still have a long way to go and a lot more to improve, things are looking slot rosier than they used to be!
I’m proud of myself and I know I can do anything I put my mind to…!

So here’s cheers to 90 days clean!






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