Eyes Downward Cast.

With eyes downward cast, memories flash past my eyes like a slide show, thoughts, reminders, odd jobs and trains of thought that have been lost….
The days and nights begin turning crispy and the heat of the sun dries and burns, the rains have long since run away and left nothing but burnt earth behind.
Tezza and I have been doing a lot of travel over the last few weeks after taking on a security contract to help train and teach cultural awareness the security guards left to pick up the pieces after our small town of Katherine was rocked by yet another death linked to licensed premises.
The long bus trips backwards and forwards and the continued 5 day a week normal life that I lead leave very little time for the body to rest, the soul to recoup and the mind to catch up on its thoughts.
The graces of such mentalness and business is that I have finally got my paperwork in order with tax documents and bills sorted neatly into piles and awaiting an end.
My thoughts hum along at what seems like a million miles an hour and yet time stands still, everything seems so repetitive and monotonus…work, home, clean, sort, shower, eat sleep, work, home, clean, sort, shower, eat, sleep, travel, work, travel, work….start again.

My soul craves freedom and my heart craves release.

-Shannon Coutts

And so here I find myself, eyes downward cast at a keyboard….awaiting my every command and ready to translate the flurry of word and thought that spews from my brain like a blocked pipe bursting to release the pressure.

A Blog, I never thought i would write one, I never thought I would know where to start…and yet here I sit, eyes downward cast.


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